Start Playing Interactive Virtual Reality Games On Smartphone


Nolo is basically one compact system that will allows the VR (Virtual Reality) gaming the mobile device. You will have to simple attach the head-set marker on to the smartphone, then set the single station motion tracker, have the 2 controllers and that’s it, you are all set to start off with your gaming.  Some popular games like Job Simulator, Tilt Brush and about 700 odd steamVR games are actually now available for Nolo.

It is certainly worth noting that some of the better games need some advanced software as well as a PC connection. The Nolo set has only 4 main pieces, letting you take the VR gaming to any place you desire. In contrast to the popular names in VR just like the HTC’s – $800 Vive, Nolo will now be retailing for a decent $149.

The Early backers for the Nolo’s Kickstarter – campaign will be able to reserve a set for a much lower price of $99. As per some reliable sources, the first sets will be shipped in the month of May. This will be a big treat for all game lovers.


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